Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition

Trans-Tasman mutual recognition (TTMRA) legislation has been in place since 1998, was revised post 2000, and by the Productivity Commission of Australia in 2003. A valuer registered in an equivalent occupation in an Australian jurisdiction that maintains a valuer registration regime (currently Queensland and Western Australia), may apply for registration as a valuer in New Zealand.  

Designation as a Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV) of the Australian Property Institute does not entitle an applicant to make application for registration as a valuer in New Zealand under TTMRA legislation.  Any Australian valuer who is not registered in an Australian jurisdiction but has CPV qualifications and a designation equivalent to associate membership of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers or associate membership of the Australian Property Institute, should make application under the reciprocity provisions that apply between the Australian Property Institute and NZIV. 

Special provisions such as “deemed registration” apply under TTMRA.  All valuers intending to register in New Zealand under this Act should obtain a separate application form and “Guidelines for Applicants” which can be found on this website. 

Registration as a valuer under restrictive registration provisions that are not equivalent to registration as a valuer in New Zealand, or that do not meet the standards for registration as a valuer in New Zealand, do not entitle a valuer to apply for deemed registration as they are not equivalent.  An example would be registration under a lower academic standard, with little or no practical experience.  

The Board is concerned by the process adopted by some applicants where overseas qualified persons apply for registration following approval to practice in an alternative discipline or country. In other words, obtaining registration sequentially from one country to another [registration hopping] The Board will adhere to a process that examines the initial formal qualifications and status of that applicant which must be submitted under The Equivalence Regime of the Board attached as Appendix 1.