Valuer Z [2017] NZVRB 1

A letter of complaint was received by The Registrar of the Valuers Registration Board from the complainant dated 12 February 2014. The correspondence related to a letter and invoice that Valuer Z had sent the complainant on 13 December 2013. A copy of the invoice and letter was enclosed. The invoice related to Valuer Z endeavouring to recover their alleged costs incurred due to a previous complaint against Valuer Z that did not proceed to an inquiry. Both the invoice and accompanying letter contained threats of action against the complainant.

The matter was initially investigated by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers before being referred to the Valuer General to conclude the investigation. On consideration of the investigation report, the Valuers Registration Board determined under Section 32(2) of the Valuers Act 1948 that there were no reasonable grounds not to hold an inquiry.