We uphold the standards and ethics that provide New Zealanders with confidence in the valuation of land.

Our Board Members

Current members of the Valuers Registration Board.


Process for making a complaint against a registered valuer.

Registration Process

Registration Pathways for New Zealand and overseas applicants.

Complaint Inquiry Decisions

Decisions issued involving valuers that have been the subject of a complaint.

About the Valuers Registration Board

The Valuers Registration Board (VRB) is an independent statutory body administered by Land Information New Zealand. The VRB registers qualified valuers who meet the standards and requirements as set out in section 19 of the Valuers Act and in the Registration Requirements Manual Registration Requirements Manual.

If you practise as a registered valuer for the public you must hold an annual practising certificate issued by the VRB upon payment of a fee.

About Land Valuation in New Zealand

In New Zealand, independent registered valuers determine the value of properties based on a range of factors.

The New Zealand Institute of Valuers sets the Standards and the Code of Ethics for how valuations are undertaken.

To carry out valuations for property owners, valuers must be certified by the Valuers Registration Board. Valuers must also renew their practising certificate each year.


If you are unhappy with the work of a valuer, you can take your complaint to the Valuers Registration Board.

Property valuations
Private registered valuers perform property valuations. Look under ‘Valuers’ in the Yellow Pages.

Rates valuations
Your local council administers rates valuations. Find your council at localcouncils.govt.nz.

New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV)

The NZIV is the professional membership body for valuers.  It is a separate organisation to the VRB.  For information on the NZIV, Standards, Code of Ethics and CPD, visit their website: